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  • Gaming & Politics: When Voices Don’t Matter

    9 Oct 2019 by

    In 2003, Barbra Streisand sued the California Coastal Records Project (which maintains a graphic archive of most of California coastline) on the ground that one of the project’s pictures includes shots of Streisand’s cliffside mansion and thus invades her privacy. When the facts of the lawsuit became known, thousands of people decided to view the… Read more

  • Back to Classics: What We Made Along the Way (Part 2)

    6 Oct 2019 by

    Part 1 of “Back to Classics” can be found here. World of Warcraft went to become one of the most popular and successful computer games of all time, its popularity rivaling that of Mario, Pac-Man, Street Fighter and other colossi of gaming. Warcraft universe was also used in related projects like Collectible Card Game Hearthstone… Read more

  • Back to Classics: What We Made Along the Way (Part 1)

    6 Oct 2019 by

    There is a saying that states that a person cannot enter the same river twice, because the second time the river is not the same. And so there I was, standing on a piece of shipwreck, searching for murlocs in the waters of Menethil Harbor to get some Lightsteel from them, when it dawned on… Read more

  • The Testing Ground

    6 Oct 2019 by

    Hello and welcome. The Fireplace and The Chair is my outlet for creative writing about all things that are interesting to me. Which might just be not a lot of things at all, but we’ll see. If you are to delve into this void together with me, you will likely encounter posts about gaming, books,… Read more

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